Ballet and Yoga

Contemporary Ballet
with Nona Refi
Wednesdays, 12:15-1:30PM (Starts January 17, 2024)

This class is geared towards the fundamentals of ballet as well as maintaining proper body alignment in order to prepare the body for movement across the floor. It starts with 15 minutes of ballet barre to warm up and stretch as we engage our core, while being mindful of our breath. Exercises at the barre will focus on the correct use of our feet; the placement of our body weight and positions of the head, shoulders and arms. As the class progresses to the center of the floor, students are encouraged to move more musically and expressively, in other words, dance!

Yoga Spark – Body & Soul
with Kathryn Golden
Tuesdays, 12:00noon-1:15pm

With its fluid pace, improves posture, balance and grace. Kathryn combines breathing techniques and movement through a series of yoga poses to open the hips, strengthen the core and extend the spine: important links to movement in class and in daily life. All levels welcome!