Contemporary, Flamenco, Jazz, Swing

Flamenco with Live Guitar
with Bianca Rodriguez and Gopal Slavonic
Tuesdays, 6:00-7:00pm

Experience Flamenco with live guitar accompaniment! Build your rhythm, musicality, and improvisational skills in this class dedicated to training your ear while coordinating simple movements. Bay Area guitarist Gopal Slavonic joins Bianca Rodríguez in a collaborative effort to show dancers the tools to live dance/music accompaniment, breaking down the sections of different songs and applying your steps within the Flamenco structure. While open to all levels, beginners will be challenged. Best suited for intermediate and advanced students.

Contemporary Dance Colombo
with Emanuel Colombo
Fridays, 12:00-1:00pm

The classes are designed to develop technical skills as well as encourage individual artistic expression. Speed, unexpected direction changes and a strong sense of weight are the defining elements of this type of dance and choreography. Attention to strength, agility, and versatility refine this style of movement and enrich the experience.

Best suited for intermediate level dance and fitness students.

Swing Dance Intermediate Level
with Irina & Nick
Fridays, 6:00-7:00pm

In this intermediate level class, we’ll be doing Swing, Blues, Charleston, Lindy (with acrobatics if you can), American and European style, just Basics or Performance (if you want)!

We are providing “private class” quality of instructions for the group lesson price. That is possible because this is the only class you may find in the Bay Area with two instructors plus one (or more) TA(s).

Bring a Partner for Yourself or Someone.

Jazz Blues (Adv Beg/Int Levels)
with Roger Dillahunty
Fridays, 12:30-2:00pm

Based on the Lester Horton technique and modeled after the style of Alvin Ailey, jazz blues is a fun, vigorous, funky, energetic and contagious form of interpret dance. You will take part on a journey of self-discovery, engagement and exploration. Class will be using a unique and creative process of dancing to choreographed warm-ups and combinations that culminate to more elaborate movement patterns and sequences.

We will travel through space and dance to combinations incorporating a blend of lyrical, adagio and allegro movement and music. Jazz Blues brings together creative music from various genres, including, jazz, blues, soul, gospel, techno and rhythm and blues. Class will place an emphasis on body alignment and placement, technique, focus, musicality, spatial awareness and a marriage between jazz styles fused with ballet and modern techniques and vocabulary.

Jazz Dance & World Rhythms (All Levels)
with Roger Dillahunty
Mondays & Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30pm

Looking for a new challenge? This class brings together the fusion of creative movements and rhythms choreographed to the music of world beats from various genres. Class will explore multiple rhythm patterns and movement phrases, students will learn and develop the proper techniques for building healthy, strong and flexible muscles. We will learn basic body alignment and placement beginning with simple to more complex warm-ups and body isolations.

The class will also explore an array of styles and dance forms that will represent many cultural genres of movement, including: Jazz, Modern, Salsa and Latin, Samba, Hip hop, African, Haitian and free form. Roger’s supportive environment encourages timid students while challenging those who are already kinesthetically oriented. I forgot to mention ... it’s a whole lot of fun!