Specialty Dance

Big Moves (Open Rehearsal)
with Jessica Erin Judd and Matilda St. John
Most First and Third Saturdays of the Month, 12:15-1:45pm
$15 Drop In / $20 for the Month

Big MovesOpen rehearsal is an opportunity to learn new dance skills and explore new dance styles in a fat-positive, beginner-focused, class-like format alongside the emFATs you know and love. The dance style will vary but will typically be focused on jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and/or musical theater. All open rehearsals will begin with a jazz/ballet warm-up including some center work and stretching. Open rehearsal is a great place to start if you are interested in performing with Big Moves and/or the place to be if you are just interested in working on some dance fundamentals. Open rehearsals are open to people of all sizes, genders, and skill levels (including beginners). Please wear clothing you are comfortable moving and sweating in, bring dance shoes (jazz, ballet or dance sneakers) if you’ve got them and be ready to MOVE!

For more information, please contact BIG MOVES at info@bigmoves.org.


Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
Andreas Asmus
Dates TBA

Tai Chi Chuan is known for its many health benefits for both body and mind and promotes an overall sense of well-being, vitality and inner calm. The gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi encourage the body to let go of any stress or tensions: balance and flexibility improves, joints/ligaments and muscles are strengthened, blood circulates more freely and the mind and spirit become clear and full.

Andreas has studied Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in the Plum Blossom International Federation (founded by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong) where he also took part in martial arts tournaments, placing in medaling positions. Andreas has the special capacity to teach the preciseness, purity and beauty of movement and at the same time to transfer the experience of flow and a feeling of connectedness of body and mind to his students. Learning Tai Chi Chuan therefore not only becomes a physical exercise but also a deeply spiritual art form and experience that equally involves and stimulates the heart, mind and spirit. The integration of Tai Chi forms and Qigong exercises into the class schedule also helps students appreciate and experience the meditative aspects of Tai Chi Chuan very early in their practice.

Our Yang style curriculum offers beginner, intermediate as well as advanced classes. Beginning students learn the basic Tai Chi postures and movements and then gradually progress to more advanced hand and weapon forms. For classes other than the Beginner I class on Thursdays, prior Tai Chi experience is recommended – please inquire with the instructor before planning to attend classes at the higher levels. Private lessons for any form in our curriculum are available upon request.
For questions or inquiries please visit taichichuanberkeley.com where you can find more details as well as contact information. We hope to be able to welcome you in one of our classes soon.

Capoeira Regional
with Helio Conceicao (Professor Sereno)
Saturdays, TBA

Helio Conceição (or “Sereno”, as he is known in the capoeira community) is a professor from the Association of Capoeira, Master Bimba located in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. At five years young, he began to learn capoeira from his uncle (Antonio Raimundo and his two cousins Raimundo and Homero), under a mango tree in their backyard, their training started at 5am after they had run to the beach at 3:30am.

Helio practiced independently this way for many years until he was ready to begin a formal education in capoeira. He then enrolled at the Capoeira Kilombolas School. The cost to attend the school was seven “cruzeiros” (or about $2) each month, an amount his family, nor he, could afford at the time.Like many in Salvador, he grew up very poor. So, in the face of extreme difficulties, he used his determination to continue to practice the art.

After having to leave Kilombolas, Helio learned that the Association of Capoeira, Master Bimba gave grants for students to attend. The Association, the world’s first capoeira regional academy, was created by Master Bimba (Manoel do Reis Machado), the founding father of the style “capoeira regional”. There, he interacted with dedicated capoeiristas, besides Mestre Bamba, Reni Veneno and Cabaca were Helio’s main inspiration, and people from across the globe that positively influenced his life.

Professor Sereno has taught capoeira workshops, in Brazil, the United States, and Canada. Currently, he teaches at the YMCA in Berkeley, at Rainbow Recreation Center in Oakland, the BEAT studio and in several school programs for youth throughout the in the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California.

Come take a class with him, you will love it!