Afro Brazilian

Afro Brazilian Dance
with Nives Wetzel de Cediel
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:45pm

Nives, aka Profesora Sambambaia, will instruct you in the technique and art of Afro Brazilian samba no pé, samba de roda, samba reggae, afoxé, axé, puxada de rede. She will also delve into particular music and dance forms of the US, Cuba and Colombia. Nives emphasizes the importance of body alignment, core strength, balance, theatricality and musicality to the execution and enjoyment of learning dance. Combinations of Dunham technique, Capoeira conditioning, core conditioning and stretching are components of every class.

Nives’s Dança Afro+Dance classes are multi-level so all are welcomed regardless of whether or not you have studied dance before. You will simultaneously increase your cardiorespiratory endurance, build lean muscle, and learn diasporic dance aesthetics, techniques and choreographies. You will become stronger, develop skill with basic footwork and familiarity with the music.

Over time you will notice increased fluidity in your movements. As dance combinations gradually increase in complexity and duration you will experience the power and pleasure of moving rhythmically and purposefully through space. Dança Afro+Samba is challenging and rewarding. Wear comfortable clothes and flexible-soled or no shoes.