Partner Dance/Ballroom Performance Series
(dedicated students)

with Danielle & Doug

If you have danced with Danielle and Doug ( for a substantial amount of time, or have some equivalent ballroom experience, take your dancing to a new level by working on a choreographed routine.

During Sunday classes from 6-7pm throughout May, June and July, we will rehearse a dance which will includes moves from Foxtrot, Samba, Waltz, Tango and Polka.

With time left over, we will cover East Coast Swing, ChaCha and Hustle.

Couples only / no switching partners / teacher approval needed

4-class series for two people: $140

No drop ins, but makeups are available

Date of Performance (performing optional, attending solicited):

Sunday August 4, 6-9pm

OFF-SITE at Berkeley’s Live Oak Park Community Center

Dinner included/ invite your family and friends

Sign up with Danielle and Doug during class.