Salsa & Tango

with Homer & Cristina Ladas
Questions? Please contact Homer at [email protected]

All Activities $20 *** Shoes Optional

Our Philosophy

The Organic Tango Philosophy is composed of the following ideas collected over the years:

Tango is a social-form and an art-form

Tango has historical and cultural roots, however, no individual or group owns the tango

Tango has always and will always continue to adapt to its environment and evolve

Respect and learn from the past, live in the present, and let the future unfold...

Categorical contemporary tango styles are the results of a globalized market

We each dance our own style

A good tango relationship is an 'interdependent' one not a 'co-dependent' one

We are only as good as our partners

The middle of the step cannot be ignored

All dancers go through beginner, intermediate, and advanced stages of navigation skill

There are four branches of tango awareness: Self, Partner, Music, Surroundings

A dancer has 'found their own style' when they have reached a high level of tango awareness

A measure of one's tango success is how well his/her style can adapt socially to other dancers

The lifecycle of a tango dancer includes Student, Ego, Apathy, and oftentimes repeats.

The 3 “C’s” of tango are: Consistency, Clarity, and Comfort. No matter what ‘style’ you have these are the basics for good social dance connection & communication.

with Felipe Martinez & Ayano Yoneda
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Felipe and Ayano lead and follow interchangeably, invaluable for teaching, offering students an excellent model of movement and showing a deep knowledge and respect for the genre. Their demonstrations are clear and precise. As instructors and performers, they are always in high demand, a tribute to their teaching excellence and wide appeal. We are fortunate to have tango professionals of this caliber in our community. Come join them for a wonderful learning experience!

For private instruction, please contact Felipe: 510 610 2462 or [email protected]

with Jonas & Xiaomin
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Jonas and Xiaomin focus on fundamental techniques that prepare you for dancing tango socially. Whenever possible they focus on progressively working with students, but material is also drop-in friendly! Experienced tango dancers are welcome to attend to improve their dance.