What Our Students Say

“She is a fabulous dancer and teacher. She gives great feedback, so we improve individually. She shares her knowledge of the dance... love her”

“Gregg is a wonderful instructor who is always ready to answer questions!”

“Detailed and joyful instruction encompassing historical context of dance moves from Afro Cuban diaspora. I’m so grateful to have Luz as a teacher!”

“Roger is a kind, direct instructor and leader. :)”

“Gregg’s class remains the highlight of my week.”

“She is my all time favorite instructor.”

“I think Chi Chi is an excellent teacher, very supportive.”

“Laurie is a wonderful teacher. In addition to dances , she has often provides cultural lessons that go along with the dances and rhythms . This gives a richness to her classes. She’s a gem.”

“Great class and enjoy the figures and mini routine. Keeping going...we need this experience !!”

“She is my all time favorite instructor.”

“Kathryn, your instruction is very careful, attentive, and elegant. You are always ready to guide with deep spiritual connection, and a voice and a pace that invites peace. There is something new to learn at every class. I am glad you are my Yoga teacher!”

“Besides being highly skilled in his craft, Gregg has great energy that helps keep the class engaged even over zoom.”

“Luz is always organized, upbeat, and has fun choreography!”

“We adore Irina & Nick! They break down moves to make them accessible, even for my husband and me (we both have 2 left feet!), and their routines are often loops that promote continued practice (because we just keep looping!). On top of all that they are simply a sweet, adorable couple who keep every session lively and full of laughter.”

“A warm, welcoming vibe by Laurie and her community! I like the pace, the energy and that we learn two different pieces of choreography. Laurie also takes the time to explain the cultural and historical background for the different movements. Great workout, too!”

“Wonderful breakdown of sequences and incorporation of purpose and history behind the movements. Technique recommendations very much appreciated and reminders throughout to practice the fundamentals. Lovely to be in this new space. I'll definitely be returning. what a great workout. I feel grounded and welcomed. I'll be sure to have a camera that works next time.”

“She’s extremely knowledgeable about Cuban rhythms and culture. Classes are challenging, but make you want to come back and keep trying.”

“My daughter loves Beth. She is fun, patient, and teaches with so much enthusiasm. The online classes are working really well, but also looking forward to resuming in person classes.”